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Digital Product Creation

What is a membership site (and why you need one for your group program)

What is a membership site (and how to choose a platform)

You coached plenty of clients one-on-one and have now developed a system you’re ready to teach in a group program. You’ve spent hours upon hours writing course content, emails and blog posts to promote your program, and connecting with potential customers. Now you need to decide how to deliver your content. Can’t you just save…

Funnel Design & Optimization

37 lead magnet ideas for health and wellness coaches

37 lead magnet ideas for health and wellness coaches

Looking for lead magnet ideas for your coaching biz? Here are 37 lead magnet ideas for coaches in the health and wellness niche that you can use to grow your email list. Whether your focus is on self-care, mental health, healthy eating & recipes, meditation, stress reduction and mindfulness, fitness, or sleep — this list…

Step-by-step guide to lead magnets

A step-by-step guide to lead magnets: grow your email list

Are you looking to grow your email list and attract potential customers? Lead magnets are the answer! In this step-by-step guide, I explain what lead magnets are, why they’re essential for online businesses, and provide tips on creating effective lead magnets that resonate with your target audience. Plus, I’ll give you a comprehensive list of…

9 common sales page mistakes and how to fix them

9 common sales page mistakes and how to fix them

Did you create your sales page yourself and have no clue why it’s not making sales? Keep reading to find out if you’re making one of these 9 common mistakes solopreneurs make when they create their own sales pages. Now, before we get into the mistakes, you need to know whether there’s actually a problem…

Launch & Promotion Strategies

How to design Pinterest pins that drive traffic

How to design Pinterest pins that drive traffic

Looking to create eye-catching Pinterest pins that drive traffic?  Last year, I hired a Pinterest VA who unfortunately tanked my traffic to just 50 visits per month. I took back control and revived my Pinterest traffic within 3 months. With 20 years of experience in graphic design, I’m sharing the best practices, design tips, and…

25 launch post ideas for digital products

25 launch post ideas for digital products

If you’ve ever launched before, you know you NEED to get all your social media done BEFORE you launch. Why? Because you will grow tired of talking about your offer so much. With these 25 post ideas for each phase of a digital product launch, you can get your Instagram, Facebook and other social media…

How to make images pinnable on WordPress

How to make images pinnable on WordPress

Want to add a custom Pin It button on your images? In this post, I will show you how. Why add a “Pin It” button With a “Pin It” button on your images, visitors can easily pin it to their Pinterest boards. More pins mean more eyes on your content, which can help drive more traffic…


How to set up your brand kit in Canva and use it to customize templates

How to create your brand kit in Canva: easy & step-by-step

So you’ve just got some new Canva templates, but you don’t want your brand to look like everyone else. Once you’ve decided on the colors and fonts for your brand, you can set up a brand kit in Canva. In this blog post (and video), I’ll show you how to create a brand kit in Canva, so you can easily…

Start automating your small business with these books

Easily start automating your small business with these books

Do you want to automate your online business, but don’t know what to automate or where to get started? These 3 books are great for when you’re just getting started with small business automation. They’ll not only tell you why you should automate your business, but also help you figure out how to streamline your…

How to design and customize blog posts in WordPress using Elementor

How to create a blog post template in Elementor

“It’s all in the list.” ? I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times. But is your blog bringing in new subscribers like it’s supposed to? Not all themes come with a blog post template that’s actually set up for conversions. So here’s how you can create your own high-conversion blog post template using Elementor PRO. The…

Course Launch Planner & Checklist

Everything you need to do for a launch – without burning yourself out before enrollment opens

Prepare for your course launch using my free Course Launch Planner & Checklist.

It'll help you create a plan, stop wasting time googling, and avoid missing any of the million moving pieces so you can feel prepared & confident about your launch.