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Should you have a separate testimonials page?

Where & how to use testimonials on your website

If you’re selling coaching or consulting services through your website, client testimonials should be a key content element on your website. Testimonials are statements from your (former) clients about their experience working with you. They work well because they establish credibility and trust by using other people’s opinions of your service. If used well, they…

Do you want to make neat text columns on your website? There's a difference between reading on screen and print, click through to find out why you shouldn't make neat text columns on your site.

Why you shouldn’t make neat text columns on your website

Lately, I’ve come across more and more people who want to create nice-looking columns, also known as ‘justified text’ on their website because it ‘looks good’. Do you want to have these nice-looking columns on your website, too? The problem with this is that your site shouldn’t only look good, it should be easy to…

4 types of visuals your sales page needs – and where to get them

4 types of visuals your sales page needs – and where to get them

Earlier, I shared the 9 elements you need to have on your sales page. Once you’ve written your sales page, it’s time to make it pretty – and irresistible to your ideal clients! These are the visuals you need to include on your sales page: 1. Photos of you Show your reader you’re a real…

9 elements you need on your sales page

9 elements of a sales page that converts

Creating your first (or next) sales page takes a lot of time, especially if you count everything from market research to decide your offer to copywriting, design, and connecting all the tech for payments and automated emails. A lot of coaches struggle not just with how their sales page should look (how to decide your…

Click through to learn how to choose and combine fonts that work well, and work well together, for your website.

How to choose & combine fonts for your website

Did you know it takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about your website? This is a subconscious process based on visuals and the emotion your website evokes. A large part of that depends on your brand colors, but the fonts you use on your website play a big role…

How to choose & combine your brand colors

How to choose & combine your brand colors

Did you know that 94% of a brand’s first impressions are based on design? And that colors play a very important part in that first impression? Colors quickly evoke feelings, so it’s extremely important to choose your brand colors strategically. When you’re DIY-ing your brand design, I recommend you keep it simple and create a…

How to create a custom page template in WordPress

How to create a custom WordPress template without header and footer

If you’ve been in business online for any amount of time, you’ll likely have heard you need to remove the header and footer from landing pages and sales pages. Creating your own sales page? Get started on the right foot with my free Sales Page Blueprint.  Are you stuck on how to create a page…

How to create a customer journey for your site

How to create a customer journey for your site

You’ve spent hours upon hours setting up your website, struggling with code and Canva to make it look somewhat like what you had in mind. Why isn’t it bringing in more clients? Your website needs to be more than just pretty – it needs to be strategic. But you’re a coach – writing and designing…

What is a membership site (and why you need one for your group program)

What is a membership site (and how to choose a platform)

You coached plenty of clients one-on-one and have now developed a system you’re ready to teach in a group program. You’ve spent hours upon hours writing course content, emails and blog posts to promote your program, and connecting with potential customers. Now you need to decide how to deliver your content. Can’t you just save…

Course Launch Planner & Checklist

Everything you need to do for a launch – without burning yourself out before enrollment opens

Prepare for your course launch using my free Course Launch Planner & Checklist.

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