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You want to build your site in WordPress, but as a coach, you’re afraid it’s going to be hard to use. Don’t worry, because in this video, I’ll show you how Elementor can make it easy for you to edit your site.

Read my Introduction to WordPress for coaches & course creators to learn everything you need to know about WordPress, from hosting and domain names to themes and plugins.

First, to simplify, a website consists of a few pages that are connected with each other through links. A page consists of a header with a logo and navigation, the content of the page, and a footer. The header and footer appear on all pages and the content of the page is different for each page.

With Elementor, you can edit the content of each page. If you also want to be able to edit the header and footer, you need to get Elementor Pro.

If you have no inspiration for what to put on your page, Elementor has templates. These are fully designed templates that you can click on, preview to get inspiration, and even insert them on your page. So if there’s a template that’s similar to what you want to create, you just click Insert and this whole page is inserted and you can edit the text, change the fonts and colors to fit your brand, and anything else you need to edit.

If you can’t find a template that’s what similar to what you want, Elementor also has Blocks. Blocks are sections for your page and allow you to build a page really fast.

In the video, I created a static page that doesn’t change a lot, but most coaches also have a blog page with blog posts or a webshop with products. If you want to be able to design those dynamic pages, you will need Elementor Pro.

Also, with Elementor Pro you can design your own header and footer. Elementor Pro also has more templates and blocks, as you can see in the video, some of them are only available with the Pro version. And while you get most of the widgets you want with Elementor free, you’ll get even more with Pro.

You can also create your own templates with the Pro version, so if you create a section that you want to use on multiple pages, you can save that as a template. And then if you change something in the template, it’ll change on all the pages where you use it.


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