I believe there's no freedom
until everyone is free to be themselves

👉 I stand for equality, justice, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and love without judgment.

I'm committed to being inclusive in my business. I'm committing to creating a safe community for women, BIPOC people, LGBTQ+ people, neurodivergent people, and disabled people.

What I promise

  • I will always provide transcripts, closed captions, and speed controls on my videos.
  • Whenever I host a live event (webinars, workshops, etc.), there will be a replay (with transcripts, closed captions, and speed controls).
  • I speak in binary language (she/he) only when the people I refer to identify as such. I honor and respect all sexual orientations and non-gender binary peoples.

That said, I also believe everyone has different blind spots. I'm a neurodivergent, cisgender, heterosexual, European woman who struggles with a chronic illness. I will never fully know what it's like to be Black, queer, non-binary, deaf, or anything else that I'm not.

I am doing the best I can with the knowledge that I have, and while I'm actively seeking out resources to learn about different things I can implement in my business to be more inclusive, please get in touch with me if there's anything I can do to be more inclusive and/or improve accessibility for you.

Any content I create, I do so with the intent to educate, inspire, and serve solopreneurs from all walks of life, regardless of their socioeconomic status, political status, religious affiliations, or race. However, I stand behind the beliefs listed here above all else, and should my content be consumed by someone who does not uphold these beliefs, it is not meant for them, and I do not affiliate with their misaligned views.

To say it plainly, I do not tolerate ableism, racism, sexism, or discrimination. Period.

Any partnerships that do not uphold this code of ethics (equality, justice, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and love without judgment) are subject to revision and immediate termination.

Thank you for reading my code of ethics. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.