You’re a coach planning your first (or next!) launch and you’re so over trying to do it all yourself.

With so many moving parts, you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, and in over your head.

That’s where I come in.

Anouska Rood - Custom Sales Page & Launch Design for coaches
Anouska Rood - Custom Sales Page & Launch Design for coaches 2


I'm Anouska

I help life and wellness coaches grow their audience & revenue through custom design for opt-ins, sales pages, and programs.

I work with coaches who want to launch without the overwhelm. By helping them with launch design + tech, they have the time and energy to help more people, make more money & create more freedom in their lives.

I believe we do our best work

when it's work we enjoy

Mint Desk 5 - Anouska Rood - Custom Sales Page & Launch Design for coaches

When I was a teenager, I struggled with depression and an eating disorder. I found an outlet in creating graphics that helped me work through my feelings. Both graphic design and web development were activities I enjoyed, that I could fully focus on and lose myself in. I started learning about design and code by basically taking in everything I could find about it.

I enjoyed analyzing & recognizing fonts and logos so much, I even bought a board game all about it. It quickly started gathering dust because none of my friends wanted to play it anymore, as no one could beat me at it.

And yet, when it came time to choose what studies to pursue at university, I took the safe route and studied law. I graduated in the middle of a recession, and couldn't find a full-time job in my field (so much for the "safe" route). While browsing online I came across a graphic design "competition" site, where clients post a job and get entries from multiple fledgling designers, then pick a winning graphic. The first time I entered, I won and made a couple of hundred dollars. That's when I realized I could make money doing work I actually really enjoy.

I started applying for web design and development jobs and in no time, had landed a full-time job in corporate web development. But I missed the creativity of web design and kept being pulled to the freedom of running my own web design business.

As a starting business owner, I ran into quite a few fears and limiting beliefs and spent a lot of time in the online world of personal development. Already knowing this space intimately, I found that when I started getting design clients on my own, I enjoyed working with life and wellness coaches the most.

I believe we do our best work
when it's work we enjoy.

So if you were still working on webinar slides at 2 a.m. for your previous (or current) launch, and they still don't look the way you want?

Or you tweaked your sales page endlessly - and still can't get those borders to line up quite right?

Or maybe you can't figure out how to connect your payment processor to your mailing list?

It's time to hand it over to someone who knows exactly what to do.

What my clients say


It was such a pleasure working with Anouska. She’s responsive, thorough and is great at what she does! I LOVE my new sales page. I’m really, really proud and happy with it! I raised my price and more people joined – my revenue went up 175%!

— Erika Vieira

Jasna Burza

Anouska is very responsive, super detailed, helpful and extremely reliable – and my page is looking like a million bucks.

— Jasna Burza

Ashley Wilhite

Anouska took my vague ideas and created a clean, simple, and fun design that totally reflects my brand. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a huge factor to attract new clients in my business.

— Ashley Wilhite

When I'm not in front of a computer screen

I live in The Netherlands, which is one of the flattest countries on earth, but I’m a mountain girl at heart.

Freedom, to me, looks like hiking, kayaking and taking in gorgeous views.

Hike Sweden

Whatever freedom looks like to you,
I know struggling with code and Canva isn’t it

Ready to work with me?