Anouska Rood

Didn't you start your business
to have MORE freedom?

Instead, you're working more hours, have a to-do list a mile long, and don't remember when you last took a full day off without constantly checking your phone.

Digital products can give you some of that freedom you've been craving.

  • Don't know what digital product to create?
  • Or maybe you can't get it to look as good as you want?
  • Or struggle with setting up the tech?

That’s where I come in.


I'm Anouska

When I first started my business, I faced the same challenges as so many other online business owners - balancing my day job with growing a business on the side.

Growing my business on the side of my day job took a toll on my well-being. I had to go on sick leave for what was at first diagnosed as burnout. But even after taking the rest I so desperately needed, my symptoms didn't improve very much. It turned out I had been struggling with an autoimmune illness - for years - without knowing it (thinking my fatigue and other symptoms were normal).

My diagnosis forced me to pause and rethink my path, but in the end, it only made me more determined to grow my business to a point where I could make a living from it - and enjoy the freedom that I imagined it would give me.

I took a lot of courses and group programs that promised to help me grow my business. But it was one piece of advice from a business coach that held me back for some time. They suggested that I shouldn't create digital products until I could fully book out my services. Even though I was drawn to creating website templates at the time, I followed this guidance, not knowing that it would eventually be digital products that would help me grow my business, and quit my day job.

I took a great SEO course and had one blog post in particular that was getting a good amount of traffic. To make money from this traffic, I added an affiliate link to see if there'd be any interest in templates for this topic. I made money from this affiliate link within days of adding it and started thinking about creating my own templates to sell. I sold a few, and soon, I started adding different styles to give people more choices. I eventually added more types of templates and continued blogging in the hopes that it would bring in more customers for my templates.

My templates didn't just bring in some passive income, they also attracted more 1:1 clients to my business. It was digital products that helped me grow my business to a point where I felt comfortable leaving my 9-5 and going full-time in my business.

My business now gives me the freedom to rest when I need to, and to do the work I enjoy most – helping coaches with the design and tech for their digital products, group programs, courses, and memberships.

I help you create & sell digital products
so your business keeps working even when you rest.

Whether you're a spoonie or not, you shouldn't have to burn yourself out to build a successful business.

A business that gives you the freedom

to live life the way you want

Whether that means being able to travel the world and have amazing adventures or having more time and energy to be with your kids, or anything else:

Everyone deserves the freedom to live the life they want.

That's WHY you started your own business in the first place, right?

So if you were still designing your workbooks in Canva at 2 a.m., and they still don't look the way you want?

Or maybe you can't figure out how to connect your payment processor to your mailing list?

Or you're overwhelmed by the thought of putting all the pieces of your new funnel into tech systems?

I'd love to help you out! Let me take care of the design & tech, so you can enjoy the freedom you started your business for in the first place.

Anouska Rood

What my clients say

Ashley Brown

The only reason I’m hesitant to write this glowing review is because I would prefer to keep Anouska all to myself! That’s how good Anouska is. Her knowledge of my tech stack (and beyond) is very impressive, plus her ability to communicate during projects and catch small details is an absolute godsend. Anouska has been my tech and marketing Swiss Army knife for the last year. Truthfully, she has set the bar very high. It would be an understatement to say how grateful I am to have her on my team!

— Ashley Brown

Rebecca Tolin

I got overwhelmed with all my tasks for my online course. I knew I needed help but was hesitant to spend money before I'm making money on this course. Working with Anouska has eased my stress levels! She's been extremely knowledgeable and capable with all my technology and web design needs. I'm now able to focus on what I love, coaching and teaching. Thanks to Anouska, I had a smooth course launch!

— Rebecca Tolin

When I'm not in front of a computer screen...'ll find me cuddling and playing peek-a-boo with my baby boy, Lucas, and taking our Lapponian Herder, Finn, for a walk in the woods near our home.

Freedom, to me, looks like spending quality time with my family and enjoying time in nature.


Whatever freedom looks like to you,
I know struggling with code and Canva isn’t it

Templates for creating and promoting digital products

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1:1 Design & Tech Help

Work with me

With so many tech tools marketed as easy even if you're not tech-savvy, you keep trying new things, are faced with a lot of digital levers and pulleys, and end up frustrated that they're not as easy as they claim to be.

Whether you need help for one small thing you've already spent way too many hours trying to DIY, want me to design and set up your lead magnet or need help setting up courses or funnels:

Let me take care of it, so you can get back to business.