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(finally) turn your side hustle
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How to create fillable PDFs with free online tools

Want more subscribers? I’m sure you know you need to use opt-in freebies or content upgrades to grow your list. Worksheets or workbooks are great for this. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create them! I’m going to walk you through creating fillable PDFs using free online tools so you can create worksheets or a workbook for your subscribers.

4 steps to keep your website safe in 2018

I know security isn’t the most exciting subject, but think of what would happen if your website was hacked. Would you know what to do? Do you have a backup or would everything be lost? I don’t want you to waste time worrying about it, so take these steps to keep your website safe. 1. […]

How your website can help you go from side-hustle to full-time faster

The stats from Google Analytics show your marketing efforts are paying off, the amount of people visiting your site is steadily growing. But you’re struggling to turn those visitors into subscribers, let alone clients. If that sounds like you, you might’ve missed the essential first step to building an effective website. The first step to […]

How to optimize images to speed up your website

Your website needs to look professional if you want clients to sign up to work with you through it. You’re expected to have big, beautiful photos for your blog posts. High quality photos can be huuuuge in file size, making your site load slow. And a slow site means visitors never come back. In fact, […]

How to choose & combine fonts for your site

Choosing fonts for your website can be hard if you have no idea about basic typographic principles. You probably know how you want your website to look, but you have no idea how to pick fonts that would work well, and work well together. Let’s dive into what you need to know to choose & […]

How to add a custom Pin It button in WordPress

Promoting your website can be a lot of work, but you can make it easier on yourself by letting your visitors help you promote your website! Make it easy for your visitors to pin your images: here’s how to add a custom pin it button in WordPress. The jQuery Pin It Button for Images plugin allows you […]