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How to turn more visitors into subscribers

You’ve decided on your website strategy and created a call-to-action on every page. As a service-based business owner, the main goal of your site is probably to get clients. But here’s the thing: 95% of visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit. Instead of trying to get those first-time visitors to buy, get them […]

5 ways to make your site faster

Did you know 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load? Don’t have any idea of your site’s speed? Use GTMetrix to check the performance of your website, then take the steps below to make your site load faster! 1. Choosing a good host Hosting is the foundation of a fast […]

How to add a custom font to your site

When I recently asked my readers what they were struggling with on their website, one of them answered: I’ve tried to integrate a new font into my existing website and I still haven’t been able to do it – I end up using the available fonts. In this post, I walk you through how to […]

How to tweak your theme – the right way

You’ve found a theme you like and want to customize it to make it unique to you. Before you do, you need to know that when you install an update for your theme, you’re at risk of losing the changes you made to your theme’s files. Instead of editing your theme’s files directly, you need […]

How to create a custom 404 error page in WordPress

We’ve all clicked links that lead to an error page. We click a link because it’s something we’re interested in, so getting an error page is always disappointing. And what do you do when you’re greeted with a “Sorry, this page wasn’t found” message? Usually we just click away and move on. You don’t have […]

4 ways to save time in your side hustle

Want to take your side hustle full-time, but feel like you’re on a treadmill, no matter how much you do, you’re stuck at the starting point? It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Schedule and batch. Set up systems for as much as you can, so you can spend the valuable time you have available for […]