I help solopreneurs launch
without the design & tech overwhelm

You're spending too much time in Canva tweaking your designs
when you really want to spend that time helping your clients or promoting your offers.

Let me take care of the design and tech, so you can get back to business.

Anouska Rood - Custom Sales Page & Launch Design for coaches

Working on your webinar slides at 2 a.m. – and they still don't look as good as you want?

Tweaked your sales page endlessly – and still can't get those images to line up quite right?

Can't figure out how to connect your payment processor to your mailing list?

Anouska Rood - Custom Sales Page & Launch Design for coaches 2

I’m Anouska and I’m here to help!

You're in business to help your clients live their best life - whether that's through nutrition & exercise, business help, or anything else. But your best life? It doesn't include you struggling with all the tech and spending 40 hours on a weekend trying to make it all look as awesome as you want.

I help you to stop struggling with code and Canva, so you can spend your time and energy showing up for your clients and promoting your offers. Or, you know, take the day off and enjoy the freedom you started your business for in the first place.

How can I help you?

Canva Templates

Template Shop

Save time creating your social graphics or building your own workbook in Canva with my templates!

Quickly & easily customize colors, fonts, line styles, and more to match your own brand, or pick a ready-made style to get started.

Sweet Relief Tech Support

By The Hour

You want some tech support for this one thing you've already spent way too many hours trying to DIY, wasted even more hours scrolling Instagram to cope with the overwhelm, and know that a professional could get this done in no time.

Whether you want me to add a custom font to your site, connect your payment provider to your email list, or set up other systems or automations:

Let's get it over with, hire me by the hour, and get some sweet relief.

What my clients say

TK Byron

Anouska has been an absolute lifesaver to my sanity and has enabled me to focus on growing the business and creating things I love, rather than spending tedious, long hours in confusion and frustration trying to get my nerdy code hat on and decipher website forums.

— TK Byron, Badass Beings


I'm a busy mom of two babies and run a business that takes a considerable amount of time. It's a huge relief that I can reach out to Anouska for any issue on my website knowing that she can fix it!

— Erika Vieira

Course Launch Planner & Checklist

Your launch is about to get so much easier

Prepare for your course launch using my free Course Launch Planner & Checklist so you know exactly what to do without burning yourself out before enrollment opens