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Anouska Rood


I'm Anouska

I started designing and developing websites 15+ years ago, and have 5+ years of corporate webdevelopment experience.

I believe running a successful online business is the best way to live a life of freedom, but growing my business on the side of my full-time job took its toll on my mental and physical health. Your business should support your life, not take away from it. That's why I now help coaches like you focus on their zone of genius, so they can be successful faster without burning themselves out.

Through designing opt-ins, sales pages and program materials, as well as setting it all up, I help you to stop struggling with code and Canva, focus on doing what you love, and grow your audience & revenue while still having the energy to live the life you want.

It was such a pleasure working with Anouska. She’s responsive, thorough and is great at what she does! I LOVE my new sales page. I’m really, really proud and happy with it! I raised my price and more people joined – my revenue went up 175%!

— Erika Vieira


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