25 launch post ideas for digital products

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If you’ve ever launched before, you know you NEED to get all your social media done BEFORE you launch. Why? Because you will grow tired of talking about your offer so much.

With these 25 post ideas for each phase of a digital product launch, you can get your Instagram, Facebook and other social media promos handled ahead of time. Take what you want, tweak as needed, and get them scheduled. Then strike it off your launch to-do list!

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Social media post ideas explained

Handing you a bunch of social post ideas isn’t all that useful unless you know what they mean. Here’s your cheat sheet for the social media launch post ideas coming up later in this post:

  • [PRODUCT NAME]: Enter the name of your product, program or course here.
  • [PRODUCT TYPE]: What kind of product is this? (E.g. an e-book, coaching program, course)
  • [PRODUCT BENEFIT]: What does this product offer? (E.g. to help you launch without overwhelm, to grow your YouTube channel, to heal your digestive issues, etc.)
  • [PRODUCT FEATURE]: A specific feature/module/tool/formula that will help your customers get one of the product benefits.
  • [PRODUCT WHY]: What lead you to creating your product? What happened in your life or business, or what did you see other people struggling with that you wanted to create the solution for?
  • [PROBLEM]: What problem do people struggle with that your product offers the solution for?
  • [LINK]: Insert the URL to where you want to direct people, such as your sales page or enrollment form. Or replace with “Link in bio”/”Swipe up” depending on where you plan to use it.
  • [DISCOUNT]: The amount of savings off your product, program or course.
  • [BONUS]: The name of your bonus offering.
  • [DATE] or [TIME]: Fill in the associated date and/or time (e.g., course closes at 8:00pm EST tonight). Be sure to include the timezone to avoid confusion.
  • [TIMELINE]: How long your free challenge/paid program takes.
  • [CUSTOMER NAME]: Name of your customer/client. You can also insert your customer’s Instagram handle instead.
  • [Option one/option two/option three]: Pick the option that fits your situation (i.e. are you offering early bird pricing or early bird bonuses; is it a free webinar, masterclass or workshop?)

Pre-launch post ideas to build buzz

I have something new and exciting coming soon. I think you’re gonna love it!

Get on the early bird waitlist if you want to be the first to know about it. [LINK]

I created [PRODUCT NAME] because [PRODUCT WHY].

And now it’s almost here!

Sign up to be the first to know when it’s [open/available]. [LINK]

COMING SOON! I’m launching [PRODUCT NAME] in just a few days.

Join the waitlist to get early bird [pricing/bonuses]. [LINK]


Get [PRODUCT BENEFIT] without [PROBLEM] – join me on [DATE] at [TIME]. [LINK]


Join me on [DATE] at [TIME] and learn [what they’ll learn].

Sign up now: [LINK]

Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things [in your biz/for your health/etc.] but you still struggle with [PROBLEM]?


This is exactly why I created the [CHALLENGE NAME] FREE CHALLENGE – so you can [PRODUCT BENEFIT] without [PROBLEM].

In [TIMELINE], we’re going to:

✔️ Achievement #1

✔️ Achievement #2

✔️ Achievement #3

We’re starting on [DATE or DAY e.g. Monday] so don’t miss out! Join the [CHALLENGE NAME] FREE CHALLENGE: [LINK]

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Social media post ideas for cart open and early bird

I’m excited to announce that [PRODUCT NAME] is [OPEN/AVAILABLE]!

Whether you’re trying to [PRODUCT BENEFIT] or [PRODUCT BENEFIT], this [PRODUCT TYPE] is for you!

Sign up now: [LINK]

Early bird [pricing/bonuses] ends at [TIME]! Don’t miss it! [LINK]

Instagram caption templates to promote your digital product

Thinking about signing up for [PRODUCT NAME]?

Everything in this [PRODUCT TYPE] is normally only available to my one-on-one clients.

Here’s your chance to experience [PRODUCT BENEFIT] WITHOUT making a [$PRICE OF YOUR ONE-ON-ONE OFFER] investment: [LINK]

Get your sales page designed by me! Let’s make your offer irresistible.

Not sure if [PRODUCT NAME] is right for you? Read this to find out more: [LINK]


Are you ready to stop struggling with [PROBLEM]?

Inside of [PRODUCT NAME] I cover:


[PRODUCT NAME] is open right now – but it’s only available until [DATE] at [TIME]! Join now: [LINK]

Q&A TIME! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about [PRODUCT NAME].

[Q&A1, e.g. What is [PRODUCT NAME] about?]

[Q&A2, e.g. Who is [PRODUCT NAME] created for?]

[Q&A3, e.g. [Time/money objection]. Why should I join now?]

If your question isn’t answered, leave a comment below!
(Or use the Questions sticker if using this in your IG Stories)

Social proof

Worried that [PRODUCT NAME] won’t work for you? Meet [CUSTOMER NAME].

They joined [PRODUCT NAME] when struggling with [PROBLEM].


Ready to stop struggling with [PROBLEM] too? [LINK]

[TIMELINE] can change your life

It might be hard to imagine how quickly things can change when you join [PRODUCT NAME], so let me share some REAL client examples.

After [TIMELINE] in [PRODUCT NAME], [CUSTOMER NAME ONE] [achievement].

And after [TIMELINE], [CUSTOMER NAME TWO] [achievement].

It is possible for you too! Join [PRODUCT NAME] now: [LINK]

[Testimonial text]

Want to get [PRODUCT BENEFIT] too? Join [PRODUCT NAME] now: [LINK]


Who doesn’t love a deal? Until [DATE] receive [DISCOUNT] off [PRODUCT NAME]. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out! [LINK]

If you’re thinking of using [PRODUCT FEATURE] to [PRODUCT BENEFIT], now is the perfect time to learn how. Get [DISCOUNT] off [PRODUCT NAME] when you sign up now. [LINK]


BONUS TIME! Get [BONUS] when you sign up for [PRODUCT NAME]. Find out more at [LINK]

Receive [BONUS] when you register for [PRODUCT NAME] by [DATE]. [LINK]

Social media caption templates for cart almost closed

Seats are filling up for [PRODUCT NAME]. There are just # spots left, so if you’ve been considering enrolling, don’t miss your chance! [LINK]

# HOURS LEFT! [PRODUCT NAME] will be closing its doors at [TIME]. GET IN NOW: [LINK]

Launch post ideas for cart closed

[Registration/Enrollment] for [PRODUCT NAME] is closed! I’m so excited to help # new students get [PRODUCT BENEFIT]! If you missed out, sign up to be the first to know when it’s available again. [LINK]

Doors are closed for [PRODUCT NAME]. Sign up now so you don’t miss the next round: [LINK]

If you weren’t quite ready to invest in [PRODUCT NAME] but are still struggling with [PROBLEM], you can get started for free with [OPT-IN FREEBIE NAME]. [LINK]

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