How do you continue to stay excited and energized through a launch?

Course Launch Planner & Checklist

Answer: You plan in advance, have a checklist for everything you need to accomplish
(and maybe hire some help)

This way you don't end up feeling:

  • bored of talking about your offer for weeks at a time
  • anxious about annoying your people
  • tired after showing up for 1-3 weeks straight

Prepare for your course launch using my free Course Launch Planner & Checklist so you know exactly what to do
without burning yourself out before enrollment opens


I'm Anouska

I help you set up systems & automations so your business keeps working when you can't. When your business backend runs smoothly, you can stop trying new tools constantly, have the time and energy to help more people, make more money & create more freedom in your life.

Growing my business on the side of my day job left me burnt out. I was learning as much as I could about copywriting, blogging, list building, email marketing, social media marketing, and trying to implement everything I was learning.

The exhaustion from doing it all piled up until one afternoon in my day job, just after lunch break, I finally broke down and went home on sick leave.

It turned out I had been struggling with an autoimmune illness - for years - without knowing it (thinking my symptoms were normal). Since my diagnosis, I've been spending a lot of time figuring out just how I could set up my business in a way that would work for me - instead of struggling to market myself consistently and beating myself up over not being able to do it.

Yet even through the struggles, I could never give up. My diagnosis only made me more determined to create a business that would allow me to live life on my terms.

Having 20+ years experience in web design & development, 9 of which as a web developer in the corporate world, I have a knack for seeing what processes can be systematized & automated. I've helped my clients with everything from designing opt-ins and sales pages to setting up tech. Tech comes naturally to me, so it wasn't until I kept hearing the appreciation from my clients over and over again that I realized a lot of online business owners struggle with tech tools & systems.

I want to help you set up systems & automations so your business can keep running when you can't. Whether you're a spoonie or not, you shouldn't have to burn yourself out to build a successful business.

Anouska Rood - Custom Sales Page & Launch Design for coaches

Download the Course Launch Planner & Checklist now

It'll help you create a plan, stop wasting time googling, and avoid missing any of the million moving pieces
so you can feel prepared & confident about your launch

If you feel like there are endless things to think about, but you can only come up with the basics, click the button below and let me help you out.

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