How to check your site for broken links

Are you losing clients without knowing it? How to make sure your links keep working, long after your sales page went live.

The other day I was looking at someone’s sales page on a service I was interested in. I was getting ready to buy, but the moment I clicked their call-to-action button, they lost me. Literally. The button lead to a 404 error, or “Page not found”. Apart from checking every link on your sales page when you create it, you need to make sure your links keep working. It shouldn’t matter whether someone comes to your sales page an hour, a week or a year from now.

Stop losing clients: Check for broken links regularly

Check for broken links on your site, so you can fix them and stop losing clients. I previously recommended a plugin, but it’s since come to my attention that the plugin is sending way too many requests to your site, affecting the server and slowing down your site. So much so, that several hosting companies have banned the plugin from their servers.
So, instead of a plugin, I now recommend you use one of these tools to check your site for broken links. Because they aren’t plugins they won’t have an effect on your server performance.

You need to regularly check all the links on your site, on your pages as well as in blog posts. Using one of these tools, it’s super easy to keep the links in your older blog posts up to date, as you don’t have to manually go through everything to check the links. If an older post suddenly becomes popular, your links have been checked and you already fixed any broken links when they came up. (Though if an older post suddenly becomes popular, you should still check if it’s consistent with the current style of your website, make sure there are tweetables, an image to pin and add a call to action to the bottom of the post.)

While these tools will find broken links for you, you need to update or remove the links yourself. Whether you check and fix the broken links once a week or once a month, using one of these tools can literally save you from losing clients.
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