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Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

I was recently helping a client speed up her site, when I found she was using both Google Analytics and another statistics plugin. Using both means additional scripts have to be loaded on the page, which slows down a site. I recommend only using Google Analytics. When I asked her if she was actually using both,…

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How to improve your site navigation

Even with great content, if visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll just leave. Make sure it’s easy to navigate your site: here’s how you can improve your site navigation. Improve your site navigation: Planning Planning is one of the most important steps in any web design process. You should be planning out your content and…

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6 steps to improve an old blog post

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll have lots of great content just sitting around in your archives. All that content is probably not being read as much as it could be. Your writing has improved over time and it’s unlikely that every page and every single blog post you have on your site is…

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How to add opt-in forms anywhere on your site

One common goal for bloggers and online businesses, is to grow their email list. It helps you with so many other goals, and it’s crucial to making money online. People sign up for your list through opt-in forms. One simple way to get more sign-ups, is to add forms in multiple places. Have an opt-in…

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How to track your goals in Google Analytics

Where do you want to take your site? How will you know if you’ve reached your goal? You can track your goals in Google Analytics. If you’ve already set up Google Analytics for your site before (and I really hope you have), look over your statistics for the past few months or year. Decide if and how…

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The biggest mistake you don’t know you’re making on your website

The stats from Google Analytics show your marketing efforts are paying off, the amount of people visiting your site is steadily growing. But are your sales lagging behind? If you’re struggling turning your visitors into clients, you might be making a big mistake without even knowing it. Want to know what that is? Read my…

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