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How to Choose & Combine Colors for Your Site

The easiest way to have a visually appealing website is to keep it simple and stick to a limited color scheme. Pick four colors or less to create your color scheme. Pick two or three of your main values or likes (e.g. love, family, travel, your faith/religion, transformation, creation, organization, etc.) that you want to…

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How to add Google fonts to your website

Picking fonts to use on your website can be hard enough, but once you’ve chosen Google Fonts, you may be left confused about how to use them on your site. Google offers three options to make the fonts available on your site: Standard, @import and Javascript. For each one, I recommend creating a child theme if…

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Why you shouldn’t justify text on your website

Lately I’ve come across more and more people who want to justify text on their website, because it ‘looks good’, it creates this nice looking column, they think. Do you want to justify text on your website, too? The problem with this is that your site shouldn’t only look good, it should be easy to read…

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Adding Text to Images 101: Position & Contrast

Creating pinnable images for your blog posts can help a lot in promoting your site. Usually, you’ll want to add your post title or a quote from your blog post to the image. Adding text on an image is really easy to do, but how do you do it well? There are two major points…

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How to add Google Webfonts to your images

Once you’ve chosen the fonts for your website, you can add Google Fonts to your images to make them fit in with the rest of your site. It’s really easy to do and I’m going to take you through it step-by-step. 6 steps to add Google Fonts to your images Go to Google Fonts and find the…

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How to choose & combine fonts for your site

Choosing fonts for your website can be hard if you have no idea about basic typographic principles. You probably have something in mind for how you want your website to look, but you have no idea how to pick fonts that would work well. I’ll explain how to choose fonts that support your content instead…

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