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How to set up your brand kit in Canva and use it to customize templates

How to create your brand kit in Canva: easy & step-by-step

So you’ve just got some new Canva templates, but you don’t want your brand to look like everyone else. Once you’ve decided on the colors and fonts for your brand, you can set up a brand kit in Canva. In this blog post (and video), I’ll show you how to create a brand kit in…

Click through to learn how to choose and combine fonts that work well, and work well together, for your website.

How to choose & combine fonts for your website

Did you know it takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about your website? This is a subconscious process based on visuals and the emotion your website evokes. A large part of that depends on your brand colors, but the fonts you use on your website play a big role…

How to choose & combine your brand colors

How to choose & combine your brand colors

Did you know that 94% of a brand’s first impressions are based on design? And that colors play a very important part in that first impression? Colors quickly evoke feelings, so it’s extremely important to choose your brand colors strategically. When you’re DIY-ing your brand design, I recommend you keep it simple and create a…

How to add a custom font to your site

How to add a custom font to your website

When I recently asked my readers what they were struggling with on their website, one of them answered: I’ve tried to integrate a new font into my existing website and I still haven’t been able to do it – I end up using the available fonts. In this post, I walk you through how to…

Click through to learn how to add Google fonts to your site and the difference between the three options for including Google fonts on your website.

How to add Google Fonts to your website

Picking fonts to use on your website can be hard enough, but once you’ve chosen Google Fonts, you may be left confused about how to use them on your site. Google offers three options to make the fonts available on your site: Standard, @import and Javascript. For each one, I recommend creating a child theme if…

How to download & install Google Fonts on your computer

How to download Google Fonts

Once you’ve chosen the fonts for your website, you may want to download your chosen Google font so you can use it in applications like Word, PowerPoint, or Photoshop. It’s really easy to do and I’m going to take you through it step-by-step. 6 steps to download & install Google Fonts on your computer How…

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