How to create your brand kit in Canva: easy & step-by-step

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So you’ve just got some new Canva templates, but you don’t want your brand to look like everyone else. Once you’ve decided on the colors and fonts for your brand, you can set up a brand kit in Canva. In this blog post (and video), I’ll show you how to create a brand kit in Canva, so you can easily customize any template for your own business. Branded templates will help you create a consistent brand look across your digital products and social media graphics, which will help people recognize your brand over time.

When you log into Canva there’s an item called Brand in the left navigation under Tools, where you can find your brand kit and brand templates.

In your brand kit, you can set your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo, which you can then use to create a cohesive look across all your designs. In the free version of Canva, you can only add three colors. If you want more colors, or you want to use your brand fonts and upload your logo, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva Pro (Get your 30-day free trial).

Creating a brand kit in Canva makes it easy to customize templates and create a consistent look for your business.

Add your logo and brand colors to your Canva brand kit

To add your logo to the brand kit, click the plus and select your logo file. It will automatically select the colors from your logo to create a new palette.

You can then add new colors to your palette by clicking the plus and adding in your color code. Or you can delete the palette. You can also pick one of the default palettes in Canva.

How to upload custom fonts for your Canva brand kit

I’ve purchased this font from Creative Market that I’m going to install in Canva. When you download a font, you’ll most likely get a zip file. Before uploading it to Canva, double-click the file to unzip it.

Now we get a folder that has these font files in it. It has OTF and TTF, which are the files that you can use to install the font on your computer, and WOFF and WOFF2 which are files that you’ll need when you want to use the font on your website.

So back in Canva, you can upload a font, and you can pick any of these font files. You can then use the uploaded font in one of your text styles. You can upload multiple fonts, or pick one of the default fonts for your other text styles.

How to share your brand kit

To share your brand kit, you can invite members to your team, which is useful for when you have a virtual assistant creating graphics in Canva for your brand, or you can create a brand board graphic in Canva and share that.

How to customize templates using your Canva brand kit

To use your brand kit in Canva go to styles, and click your fonts to apply your brand fonts to the template. Click “Apply to All Pages” so that your brand fonts replace the fonts on all pages of the template.

How to apply your brand colors to your templates

You can do the same with your colors, but that just shuffles them. And when you apply to all pages, you might not be getting quite what you were hoping for.

So instead of using that feature to apply your brand colors to all pages, select an element and change its color. Then we can change all elements with this color to one of your brand colors. At the bottom of the sidebar, click the button “Change all” to do so.

"Change all" button in Canva to change all elements of a specific color to another color.

Repeat this for other elements as well as for the text. After doing this, your template has your brand fonts and your brand colors.

Finding stock photos in Canva based on your brand colors

Did you know that you can also find photos based on your brand colors in Canva? Go to photos and in the search bar click this little icon then add your color.

Click “Apply filters” and you will get all photos and images that have your brand color in them. You can then use these photos in your template.

How to create multiple brand kits in Canva

If you have multiple businesses or work with clients in Canva, you can add a new brand kit for each. To select a different brand kit, go-to styles and click the brand kit name.

After clicking the brand kit name, a popup will show allowing you to select a different brand kit to use.

Now that you know how to create your brand kit and how to use it to customize your templates, learn how to create a fillable PDF workbook using Canva so that you can create opt-in freebies and course materials from the templates that now match your brand.


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